Lyoness Mobile 3.6.1

Source:Lyoness Group AG

Safe and cash free – Money back with every purchase!

The Lyoness Mobile App. is a modern application that you can use anytime, anywhere to access the numerous Lyoness shopping benefits such as Mobile Shopping, and the management and redemption of Mobile Vouchers and Bonus Discounts.

With this App. you can quickly search and find Lyoness Loyalty Partners near you using the Location Based Services.

Use the maps and the route finder to quickly find the way to the Loyalty Partner of your choice, without getting lost.

Other functions such as Event Overview, News Overview, a direct link to your Cockpit and the Virtual Cashback Card function make this App. a must for all smart shoppers.


• Purchase and redemption of Mobile Vouchers
• Overview of all valid, redeemed and cancelled Vouchers, including the amount and denominations
• Comprehensive Loyalty Partner Search with map and route finder
• Overview of personal Lyoness accounts
• News Overview
• Mobile Cashback Card

Just like a Lyoness Membership, the Lyoness App. is free of charge!

Innovations in this version
• Location Based Service – Shows Loyalty Partners in your area!
• Implementation of maps and route finder
• Favourites
• Links to social networks
• Mobile Vouchers
• Service and Contact
• Quick Search
• Multi-language
• Event Overview with event details

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